Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucid Dream

Do you know what is lucid dream? Well, simply, its a dream in which you know that you are dreaming. You are aware of everything that happens to you in dream and you can manage and control your dreams. I think that lucid dreams are very powerful thing. Imagine that you can live two lives.  During the day you can live one life, and during the night you can live another life. Every night you can continue your second life. In your lucid dreams you can achieve what awake you would never be able to achieve.  It is amazing thing. Most people that have lucid dreams wake up just few seconds after they realize that they are in dream. There are some tehnics which can help you to have lucid dreams and even enhance the status of lucidity and thereby gain greater control over your own lucid dreams.

One of the tehniques is to write your dreams and keep dream journals. It's better that you do that as quickly as possible after you wake up because you will remember your dreams better with more details.

Another tehnique is to stay aware during the stage which is within the border of being awake and being asleep. If you menage to do it, you will be fully aware that you are in dream.

There is also tehnique that includes performing an constant actions, such as setting alarm clock to ring every two minutes while you are awake so when you enter the dream you realize that alarm does not ring and then you realize that you are dreaming.

There is also idea of group dreaming. Imagine that you can dream with your friends and live another life together with your friends, or maybe you can enter in someone else's dream. Althought there is no scientific evidence, there are people that claim that they have experienced group dreaming.

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  1. aah, i thought a lucid dream meant something that you remember when you wake up. i must be thinking of the word vivid.