Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inception Movie

Few days ago I watched movie Inception. I think that movie is absolute great, especially I liked the complexity of the film. Even Director Christoper Nolan said that Inception was the most demanding project in his career. It was definetly one of the best movies I watched recently.

The movie Inception reminds me little to Martin Scorsese's movie Shutter Island also with Leonardo DiCaprio. Shutter Island is also complex and at the end of the movie some people don't know what really happen, is he crazy or not, so you need to watch movie twice to see some details in the movie that shows what really happen at the end. People who watched Shutter Island will know about what I'm talking about.

Same was in the end of Inception. At the end Cobb's totem was still spinning so that brings the question, was he still in his dream or it was real? I think that there are evidences that support both options so it's up to you that decide what was truth.

This is the reason why I like those movies. When the movie is over it brings some questions and you think about that movie for some time.

I also have question for you. What was the best movie you watched recently?


  1. I'm also a movie buff. I always try to watch a new movie on screen, but well.. I really couldn't do that now coz of the tons of work. I love Leo in his past films, especially Blood Diamond and Body Of Lies. His acting was superb. I haven't watched Inception yet. My friends say that it is a very good movie. Mind boggling..

    Anyway, I'm new here in Blogger. I'm looking for people to follow, and some followers too. I would like to invite you to visit my site and follow me, as well. Thanks so much! :)

  2. I agree that Leonardo is great actor and all his movies are great.

    And welcome to Blogger.