Thursday, July 29, 2010

Driving School

Hello to all. I just came from Driving School. I just started to drive in Driving School, but I think that I drive good. I have drove even before Driving School. Now feeling is different because the instructor is sitting next to you and he tells you if you did something wrong or if you forgot to do something.

I heard that in some countries you can get driver license in only one day. In the morning you need to pass the test on the computer and after that you drive car around the block and if you driving good you get driver licence. And all that for funny price of about 20 dollars. I don't know is that true, but if it is, that is amazing. I really don't understand how then in those countries they don't have accidents at every corner.

I need to pay more than 1300 dollars for my Driving School and average you need about two months to get your driver license. And after that many people still have accidents, how then they wouldn't have so many accidents in those countries where you can get driver license in just one day, and with 16 years.

What do you think about all that? Do you think that it's better to get driver licence in one day with 16 years or in two months with 18 years and what are yours experiences from Driving School? Did you liked Driving School or not, and why if not?


  1. In the UK we have to wait until our instructor feels ready for us to take the test and pass too. Before that though we have to take our theory and get at least 43 marks out of 50 in a multiple choice test and 54 out of 77 (I think) in a hazard perception test. It took me 11 months from my first lesson to getting my full license and I'd say I'm a pretty good driver.

  2. wow,11 months! Did you make any pauses between tests or driving lessons? We have one year to finish driving school, but average it takes about two to three months to finish it.

  3. I studied a book, then I took the test, passed, got my permit, so i could drive with an adult, and then after 6 months i could go back and take my driving part, which i also passed, so now i have my license, but when you turn 16 you have to go back and get your real license, which lets you drive by yourself, but you don't have to take anymore tests or anything, you just get it.

  4. In Australia you go for your Learners when you are 16yrs 6mths (I think it's still that anyway) and you used to be able to go for your driving test 6 months later. Now we have to do 100 hours of driving (bloody expensive if you require an instructor!!) and then you take the test. It sucks! I still haven't got mine and I'm 22, partly because I'm a crap driver and partly because I can't justify spending $60+ for every driving lesson! It's mental, but I s'pose it has reduced road accidents slightly :/

  5. My lessons were either £20 each or £160 for a block of 10. I had more than 40 lessons over the 11 months so that was a huge cost to me, but I had a job so I could pay for it :)